About Us

Viomag is news, entertainment, music fashion website. We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the entertainment industry

Viomag is a unique, interactive online publishing house that provides integrated and updated news and information focusing on the marketing activities of brands. Serving as a PR platform, it also contains a large advertising database, articles, reviews, and exclusive research and insights.

We provide a one-stop solution for professionals, students, publications and research agencies to interact and share their wealth of experience on a mutually benefitting platform.

News and Information on Brands:

Content marketing acts as a revolutionary source of advertisement in the world where customer attention has gone scarce due to the bombardment of ads from brands.

PR Platform:

New product launch, events, promotions.

Data Dive:

The research section highlights ratings, surveys, articles based on infographics, white papers and in-depth analysis of research-based data.

Company Directory:

Company Directory includes a profile of all companies related to media, marketing, and advertising and its affiliates.

Social Media Integration of Content

On Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram

After publishing the content, Viomag offers its expertise in social media promotions. This includes structuring social media campaigns by allocating a certain campaign budget in the best possible manner. Our social media experts, search engine specialists, and strategists have extracted extraordinary results from social media campaigns in the past.

Articles, Opinions of Industry Experts, Campaign Reviews

For Advertisers:

We provide the advertiser with a range of opportunities to showcase their offering and highlight what they want to be focused on. From online banners, advertorial articles, brand-related videos, print, and outdoor campaigns, there a number of ways to stand out and reach the decision-makers.