Are Silicone Brushes Suitable for Hair Skin?
Are Silicone Brushes Suitable for Hair Skin?

Caring for the scalp is just as important as taking care of the hair, but do you know how beneficial it can be to use a special scalp brush for your hair?

Although the head makes up 3.5 parts of our body, we usually forget that while protecting the hair, we forget that protecting the scalp will also protect the hair. The scalp contains some ingredients that Prepare the hair, it produces keratin which strengthens the hair.

Special protection for the scalp

According to a study published in Al-Rubayeh, the formation of scalp cells is twice as fast as the formation of skin cells, which is why they are prone to contamination, ultraviolet rays, hair dyes or harsh Hairstyling can lead to imbalances.

Experts in the field of hair and skincare say that in order to protect the scalp from external elements as much as possible, they recommend regular massage several times a week.

Scalp experts recommend that a special brush be used to massage the scalp. This brush consists of multiple flexible heads and round teeth, it speeds up blood circulation and hair Ensures the distribution of nutrients in the leaves, in addition to this massage helps to strengthen the broken, thinning hair that is prone to unnatural fall. According to research, some types of brushes used for scalp care also have a good effect because they not only speed up the blood circulation but also the impurities that accumulate on its surface. Also, work to remove scalp

How to use a scalp brush

According to a study published in Al-Rubayeh, most brushes massage the scalp and remove hair at the same time, they are usually used daily. However, if it is only made for massage or made of plastic and silicone, it should be used once or twice a week.

After bathing, a massage brush can be used to apply oil to the hair, or a similar massage can be used to wash the hair with shampoo, which removes toxins accumulated in the fine pores of the scalp. Works and gives them a chance to grow better.

Normally the nutrients and oxygen needed for hair growth are obtained from the blood circulation, as far as the glands in the scalp are concerned, they increase the fibre in the hair and make it shinier, thus making the hair healthy. I grow up to one and a half centimetres every month and their life goes o