Sunday, November 29, 2020


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EU expresses regret over Saeb Irkat’s death

The European Union (EU) has expressed deep sorrow over the death of Saeb Erekat, a prominent Palestinian leader and secretary general of...

China made the impossible possible, a train suspended in the air

BEIJING: Plans for high-altitude tracks and an air-powered train are fast approaching completion. China Daily reported, according to local engineers...

Huawei is ready to give a big shock to Google Android

Huawei has begun preparations to unveil an alternative to Google's Android system. Wang Cheng Lu, president of Huawei Consumer...

Introducing A New Option In The WhatsApp

WhatsApp has introduced a new option for messaging in which messages from the sender and recipient's phone disappear automatically in 7 days.

Facebook Introduce Important Feature For Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Facebook, the largest social networking platform, has announced the introduction of a new facility in Pakistan to curb the spread...

Introducing 2 New Smartphones Equipped With Unique Camera System

Introducing 2 New Smartphones Equipped With Unique Camera System Asus has introduced two new phones, the Zenfone 7...

Progress Towards Integrating Facebook’s Instagram and Messenger Chat

Facebook has made significant progress in integrating chat systems into Instagram and Messenger. Technology site of the Org's report said Friday...

Do You Know How Hacker’s Hacks Your Accounts?

Pakistani youth is full of talent in every field; sports, writing, entertainment, some of the niches to name for. However, here we...

The iPhone’s Operating System Crashed Around The World, Leaving Consumers Stunned

NEW YORK: Leading US technology company Apple's mobile phone operating system has been shut down, causing problems for consumers around the world.

Samsung’s Newest Smartphone With The Most Powerful Battery

Samsung is working on a new smartphone with its most powerful battery. The name of this phone is not...
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