Sunday, November 29, 2020


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Google’s New and Exciting Feature For Users

New York: Leading technology company Google is going to provide the best feature in Google Street View for the convenience of its...

Turkey to join the world’s top 10 economic powers: Erdogan

ANKARA: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed that we will soon join the world's ten economic powers.

The Corona Vaccine Company Has Sent Alarming News To Asian Countries

WASHINGTON: Corona's effective vaccine company has sent bad news to Asian countries. According to the report of the news agency, the official of Pfizer, the company...

China made the impossible possible, a train suspended in the air

BEIJING: Plans for high-altitude tracks and an air-powered train are fast approaching completion. China Daily reported, according to local engineers...
Is the Google search engine option in Apple products coming to an end?

Is the Google search engine option in Apple products coming to an end?

New York: Leading technology company Apple has begun developing an alternative to the Google search engine, which will eliminate the need for...

Huawei is ready to give a big shock to Google Android

Huawei has begun preparations to unveil an alternative to Google's Android system. Wang Cheng Lu, president of Huawei Consumer...

Historic Day: American Corona Vaccine Begins To Show Positive Results

Pfizer, a US pharma company, claims to have successfully tested a cofactor vaccine phytotherapy with 90% effective results. In...

Introducing A New Option In The WhatsApp

WhatsApp has introduced a new option for messaging in which messages from the sender and recipient's phone disappear automatically in 7 days.

What Is The Relationship Between Depression And Stroke?

Experts say that frustration, anxiety and depression affect the whole body. If the condition becomes permanent, it increases the risk of stroke.

More dangerous viruses than coronaviruses can attack us!

Berlin: Experts say that if we do not protect nature, more viruses will emerge in the world that will spread faster, become...
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