Introducing the important feature of Facebook related to Pakistan
Introducing the important feature of Facebook related to Pakistan
ISLAMABAD: Facebook, the largest social networking platform, has announced the introduction of a new facility in Pakistan to curb the spread of misinformation and restrict posts based on misleading information.

“We are empowering users to identify misleading content and will provide them with the necessary background to determine the correct information if they wish to share such posts,” the statement said.

According to a spokesperson for Facebook, Facebook removes content that is against social values ​​and it also reduces the spread of misinformation. When such posts are declared invalid, up to 80% of such misleading posts. The spread decreases.

According to the report, under the new facility, Pakistani users will receive a message when they try to share certain types of photos, including one-year-old photos, and who violate Facebook’s Violent Content Guidelines.

According to the Facebook administration, the user will also receive messages from time to time in this regard. The image they are about to share is based on harmful or misleading content which will be identified by a combination of artificial intelligence and human studies.

It should be noted that the risk of spreading fabricated and baseless information on social media is increasing all over the world and Facebook teams are working diligently to prevent this, the new facility of Facebook to prevent misinformation. There are three ways to prevent it: to remove, limit, and raise awareness.