Fast Food Makes Us Aging, Among Other Disadvantages

Fast food is aging us, among other harms, to the level of cells and DNA. Research has shown that excessive consumption of these foods affects human chromosomes that are associated with aging.

Keep in mind that ultraprocessed foods shrink telomeres attached to the edges of human chromosomes. Although this process continues throughout life and telomeres become smaller as life goes on, many industrialized diets increase this rate. Remember that this proves that junk food affects our DNA.

Professors Maria Bess Rastrollo and Emily Marti of the University of Navarre in Spain have presented their research at a European and international conference on obesity.

In this regard, he said that telomeres at a young age indicate aging and poor diet exacerbates this contraction.

On the other hand, research has shown that junk food, fast food and processed foods contain a variety of oils, fats, oils, sugars, starches and very small amounts of protein.

It should be noted that artificial colors, standard chemicals and alum-ghul are making them more harmful. They are deficient in nutrients but now they are pushing us towards old age.