Google Thank You: Public transportation workers
Google Thank You: Public transportation workers

Google, the leading search engine, has named its Doodle Public Transporters for Corona virus-fighting worldwide.

Sitting on a mini-bus on Google Doodle, the last letter of Google, e. And Doodle’s message is thanks to Doodle’s message to all public transportation workers.

According to foreign media reports, Google is launching a series of thanks to all those who fought against the Doodle Corona virus. The weekly Google Doodle Series will be thanked by paying tribute to nurses, staff, teachers, social workers and food service workers who work on doctors’ front lines throughout the week.

This series was first thanked by public health workers and researchers from the Christian community.

April 13 was awarded a tribute to Google suppliers and photo-makers on Google Doodle.

Google says people around the world are coming closer to helping each other as Quid 19 is spreading.