Pfizer, a US pharma company, claims to have successfully tested a cofactor vaccine phytotherapy with 90% effective results.

In this regard, the CEO of the American pharma company Pfizer Albert Berla says that today is a great day for human history and science.

According to a foreign news agency, the pharma company Pfizer’s Corona vaccine has achieved 90% effective results in Phase 3.

Last month, Ovalbert Berla, CEO of Pfizer, a US pharmaceutical company, said the vaccine would be known by the end of October and that if it did, it could be distributed in the United States by December.

Albert Borla said the vaccine must be safe and effective, and must be developed on a regular basis to the highest standards. We will know by the end of this month whether the vaccine is effective or not.

It may be recalled that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FDA) had said that testing of vaccines in children would be a very important step for pharmacists. Some doctors have also expressed their concerns that the corona vaccine may be dangerous in some children. And rare-disease multi-system inflammatory syndrome can occur.

J&J began testing the corona vaccine on 60,000 volunteers during the third phase in late September, but it was stopped earlier this month because one volunteer’s condition deteriorated, but last week This experiment has been revived.