Do You Know How Hacker’s Hacks Your Accounts?

Pakistani youth is full of talent in every field; sports, writing, entertainment, some of the niches to name for. However, here we will talk about photography and an emerging star of this discipline.

Wasif Gohar has a social presence across different platforms on the internet by the name of Art by Wasif. He is a photographer and one of the best YouTubers of Pakistan. His social audience equally praises his photographs and videos.

A video was posted by his Facebook page, shot from his drone on the 15th of October by the name of “Bird’s Eye Lahore.” That video has more than 300k views, till now, on the mentioned platform.

This video was also shared and praised by the official page of the chief minister of Punjab, Mian Shehbaz Sharif. It got featured on Neo news as well, a Famous Pakistani News Channel.

Now he invites his friend as a guest for telling people how they protect their accounts from hackers. They also tell recently one hacker hacked the famous Vlogger Abdullah Khattak’s youtube channel.

People get greedy and click on unnecessary links, Install crack version app from the internet. All these are games of the hackers to hack your devices and to blackmail you.

They even mentioned that hackers could hack the laptop or pc webcam. They can see what you are doing.

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