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People infected with Novel Coronavirus have different experiences. Some reports say that infected people can show symptoms of mild cold at the beginning, on the other hand, some experience no symptoms at all. However, in some cases, it can lead to death.

Why is that so? How the same virus show different reactions?

Even scientists are perplexed by their behavior. But they are clear about the fact that the immune system plays a major role to keep a person alive or die from this virus.

The majority of Coronavirus deaths are due to the immune system becoming uncontrollable, rather than the virus itself.

What happens when the virus gets into your body and who is at more risk?

When the virus gets into your body the natural immune defense process begins. In this process proteins called interferons are released that fight against the virus from replicating inside the body. In order to stop the virus Interferons recruit other immune cells as well. This initial process stops the virus effect and enables the body to gain control over it. However, it might require time depending on the health of a person’s immune system.

What happens if your body starts showing symptoms?

The purpose of the body to show symptoms is to alert the body that it got attacked by a virus by showing mild cold or fever.

Mandeep Mehra, professor at Harvard School of Medicine and chairperson in advanced cardiovascular medicine in Brigham and Women’s Hospital says:

What typically happens is that there is a period where the virus establishes itself, and the body starts to respond to it, and that’s what we refer to as mild symptoms,

These distinct signs and symptoms depend on where the virus takes hold. The virus may get into a cell through fixing itself onto a particular protein known as the ACE2 receptor that sits on the surface of the cell. ACE2 is abundant inside the lungs that are the reason why Covid-19 is taken as a respiratory illness. However, the second most abundant place for ACE2 receptors is the intestines. This is why many human beings with the coronavirus experience diarrhea

Because the virus is acquired through droplets, if it comes into your mouth and enters your oropharynx, it has two places where it can go from there. It can transition into the lung from the oropharynx when you breathe in, or if you have a swallow reflex, it’ll go down to your stomach,” Mehra says. “That’s how it can affect both sites.

In contrast, there are people who experience a rapid spread of the virus before the immune system can protect it. This happens if a huge quantity of particles attacks the body.

“The more virus there is, the harder it is for the immune system to manage”

This is why doctors and nurses who are more exposed to this virus while taking care of patients tend to have severe infections regardless of being young and healthy.

During the pandemic, elder people got more infected due to a weak immune system. With the declining age, it is a natural process to happen along with an immunosuppressed system (already infected with some illness or medication). Such suppressed systems offer delayed response of interferons which allows the virus to replicate.

Warner Greene, Ph.D., director of Gladstone Center for HIV Cure Research and professor of microbiology and immunology at University of California said:

If you make a good neutralizing antibody response, you’re going to be able to recover; it’s just a timing issue. People get sick, but then they make their antibody response, they clear the virus, and everything is fine,

“Individuals who are older or have underlying health problems maybe have a degree of immunosuppression, which delays the antibody response, and they’re the ones that have an exaggerated disease course.”

Your best defense is to support your immune system by completing the time period of your sleep along doing exercise and following a good diet. Furthermore, you must wash your hands at least 20 seconds, practice social distancing and stay home to protect yourself and your family.   

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