Huawei has begun preparations to unveil an alternative to Google’s Android system.

Wang Cheng Lu, president of Huawei Consumer Business Group Software Department, said that Harmony OS’s open-source platform will be available to developers by December 18, while the first demo units operating on it will be unveiled in January or February 2021.

The president of the software department said that the employees were working on a new harmonic ecosystem and so far everything was going according to plan.

He said that when the initial reports are released during the first quarter of 2012, the public beta version can be introduced by April 2021.

Wang Chenglu added that by then, nine per cent of the company’s smartphones will be ready for the update, with Harmony OS 2.0 being the first to be part of tablets, car systems and smartwatches.

It should be noted that US President Donald Trump had imposed various sanctions by blacklisting Huawei in May 2012.

Now, Donald Trump’s term is coming to an end, but the Chinese company estimates that even after the arrival of the new US President, Google Services can be difficult to access, so she is now pushing her Harmony operating system further.

It may be recalled that Huawei was blacklisted by the US last year and blocked from accessing the technology of US companies including Google, after which Huawei created an alternative to the Android app ecosystem.