Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the Gujjarpura incident has shaken the entire nation and the perpetrator of abuse of women and children should be hanged in public.

According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan has said in an interview that the Gujjarpura incident shook the entire nation, the perpetrators of rape should be hanged in public. Sex crimes are on the rise.

The Prime Minister said that a new law is needed for the criminals involved in sexual crimes, the criminals involved in sexual crimes should be disarmed by surgery. 

I have been told that there will be global pressure on public hanging, when it is discussed, it is said that it will not be universally acceptable. 

It has been said that the European Union has given us GSP status, it will be affected, but these criminals should have a confession, a chemical confession so that they do not become capable of oppression.

He said that it is not just a matter of police, the stench has spread in the whole society, there is no registration of those released from jail, the family system is broken due to obscenity in the society when obscenity is brought it increases sexual crimes. We should promote Islamic dramas instead of Hollywood.

The Prime Minister said that the police and bureaucracy of Punjab have become political, Chief Minister Punjab Usman Bazdar is not corrupt, he is running a very difficult government, Hamza Shahbaz had selected and appointed his own police station He is not a media face, he does not spend crores on publicity like Shahbaz Sharif, unfortunately, we have some people who want to become Chief Minister.

On the transfer of IG Punjab, Imran Khan said that the chief executive in Punjab has also changed, changes are taking place and will continue to happen. Whether it has been or not, the public should not ask how many people were exchanged.

He said, “I challenge that no one in my cabinet has committed corruption. Lower level corruption has taken root. There has been a lot of noise on the change of CCPO Lahore. Police have joined hands with occupation groups.”

If we go to the other side, corruption at the lower level will end. When ministers commit corruption, they destroy the institutions.


Regarding Quaid-e-Azam, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that we have studied the previous local government system, the new local government system will be better which will change the country, the people of Karachi have correct reservations about the census, doubts about the census. Okay but this is not the time, it should have been earlier, now the needs of Karachi are something else.

He said that a local government system will be introduced in which the mayor will be directly elected. Karachi is a city not only of Sindh but of the whole of Pakistan. The new system coming in Punjab and KP will be much better when the city is like the country.

Only then will there be an improvement. If the mayor runs the city like Malik, then the problem of Karachi will be solved. In the new local government system, the money will go directly to the village.

The Prime Minister said that a committee has been formed for Karachi in which all stakeholders are present. The committee has to complete all the projects in 3 years. Karachi does not have its own system.

It is very important to fix Karachi. Sindh has the resources. What are the problems of the Sindh government with the federation?