In the year 2021, WhatsApp signalled a big change
In the year 2021, WhatsApp signalled a big change

SAN FRANCISCO: WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app, has signalled three major changes over the New Year.

According to the details, WhatsApp, a popular mobile application used for messaging and internet calling, has decided to introduce three changes in 2021.

According to the spokesperson of WhatsApp , next year WhatsApp will also provide call and video calling facility on the web and after the introduction of this service, WhatsApp video calling application may come to the forefront of Zoom and Google Mate.

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According to the report, changes in the privacy-related WhatsApp terms are expected by February next year. No clear changes have been announced, but all users will have to accept the terms.

With the beta iOS update next year, more than one video and photo will be able to be pasted in the WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp official says many of these changes were expected this year, but some changes were not possible due to the global crisis caused by the Corona epidemic.