WhatsApp has introduced a new option for messaging in which messages from the sender and recipient’s phone disappear automatically in 7 days.

Facebook has introduced the ‘Disappearing Messages’ option, which is being offered to keep the conversations of two billion users secret.

 The company says the option is being rolled out to all customers by the end of this month. In a blog post, the WhatsApp management said, “After seven days, the option to delete the message will give you peace of mind that the text will not be retained.”

 However, users will be able to save screenshots of text and images if they wish. But once you select this option, messages will only be viewed for seven days.

Similarly, the admin of a group of WhatsApp will have the option to delete it and thus this option can be turned on or off with each individual account.

A few months ago, Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said he was working to improve privacy on all of his platforms. 

After this option, the next new messages will be a seven-day guest while the old messages will remain. However, this option can be opened or closed individually with each friend or individual contact.