Private schools of the government presented a comprehensive relief package COVID-19.

The Pakistan Education Council (PEC) has denied the Minister of Education’s claim that Punjab schools have reduced tuition fees. In the statement issued by the Pakistan Education Council:

With reference to an article published on DAWN on April 11, “The school accepts a 20% fee reduction” based on a press release issued by the Punjab Ministry of Education. She offered economic options for Quaid-19 and offered alternative powers to the Punjab government, but “was not prepared to voluntarily reduce costs by 20%” because that would undoubtedly affect the salaries of our employees. ۔

The reduction is strictly due to the fact that the Minister of Education instructed him (without a legal framework) and repeatedly repeated for parents on TV and social networks not to pay the regular school fees.

Because parents stopped paying regular school fees, private schools had no choice but to comply with this illegal request. The only alternative was the release of all employees, as schools could not survive if parents stopped paying the fees in full.

Private schools of the government introduced a comprehensive COVID-19 relief program, which would have provided much greater relief to parents genuinely affected by the current economic slowdown, but this was rejected in favor of the illegal reduction of 20%. The package describes a comprehensive strategy to create COVID-19 financial aid funds for parents whose livelihoods are directly affected by the economic benefits of COVID-19.

No company can survive with a total 20% drop in revenue. Tuition fees for private schools are calculated on the basis of average expenses over a 12-month period, including school closures. Additionally, even when schools are closed, 95% of public costs are fixed, such as salaries, rents, taxes, etc.

This reduction will prevent private schools from paying their costs. Most importantly, schools will find it difficult to pay the salaries of school employees who work hard during this crisis, as tuition fees are already low because of the deadlock.

An arbitrary 20% reduction in all areas for two months will make it financially impossible for schools to really help parents in need (as they may not be able to pay the balance 80% in all cases). The Pakistan Education Council (PEC) represents some of the major schools in Pakistan.

Summary of COVID-19 relief packages proposed by private schools

The private education sector has always been aware of social responsibility and is constantly reflected in previous national crises. With this idea, the Pakistan Private Schools Association proposed “COVID-19 Relief Package” 6 points to Punjab Law Minister, who is a key member of the committee created by CM Punjab:

Although there are problems with the cash flow generated by direct debt, but private schools also promise not to reduce the number of employees or salaries in the current school year, we will do our best to ensure that our employees’ lifestyles are not compromised and they will not be indirect victims of this epidemic.

Private schools charge a monthly fee to all parents in April and May 2020.

In addition, private schools will pay for parents who are directly affected by the economic impact of COVID-19. Affected parents should contact the school administration to develop a payment plan that is acceptable to both parties. For the remainder of the current school year

In addition, private schools will ensure that there will be no impact on children’s education, as father’s tests have a positive result for COVID-19. We guarantee the continued education of children during this difficult period.

Finally, in addition to financial aid, private schools normally set up a financial aid fund in COVID-19, with the goal of providing financial assistance to parents who can show that their income is affected, Negative Impact from the Epidemic of COVID-19 (Which should be over 20% in the last two months).