Sajal ahad raza mir mirrage

On Saturday 14th March the lovebirds tied the knot in a family gathering in Abu Dhabi, UAE in zaya nurai island. Since then, Sajal took to her Instagram to change her name to “Sajal Ahad Mir”:

But what’s cuter is the way that Ahad’s mom, someone everyone refers to as “Mama Mir”, welcomes Sajal into the family: The funniest moment during the nikkah, however, was when the Nikah khwaan said Ahad’s name wrong where for a split second, Ahad became Ahmad. Then, he soon realized his mistake and wrote Ahad.

The cutest thing has to be the recreation of Sajal’s mom’s wedding look for Sajal from the wedding makeup to the curl on the forehead – she had an unbelievable resemblance to her mother. Since her mother passed away after her battle with cancer this might have been Sajal’s way of keeping her mother near and close on her special day. 

And now here are some adorable pictures that the couple shared with their fans: We’re still hoping that the couple releases more videos and pictures from their big day. Wishing them a great life ahead. May Allah protect them from evil eyes.