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Ontario scientists have found that a cup of tea with a tea bag contains billions of microscopic plastic particles, adding that if you are eager to drink tea, drink tea sealed in a plastic tea bag.

Skip because once in a while, billions of plastic particles from a tea bag enter the tea and reach the stomach through your throat with each sip.

Scientists at Canada’s famous McGill University say that if a tea bag is dipped in hot water up to 95 degrees Celsius, 11 billion plastic particles will be released and become part of tea. They can range in size from 100 nanometers to 5 millimeters.

These scientists say that tea drinkers should avoid using plastic tea bags

Four different types of tea bags were taken from different countries, especially from the tea houses in Montreal, Canada, cut, opened, washed and opened in 95 degree Celsius water. They were then examined under electron microscope and spectroscopy. While some bags were used without cutting.

It should be noted that plastic tea bags are not used in Pakistan, but unlike Agras, tea bags are made from very thin tissue papers.

Therefore, it is your duty to bring this news to the notice of others so that people can be saved from any great loss.