The Balochistan government has come out with the news of the swearing-in and illness of Baloch folk singer Wasu Khan, who rose to fame almost a decade ago with the famous singer and social leader Shehzad Rai’s song ‘Apne Olo Katne Tere, Ab Tak Hoye Na Sidhe’. Helped them.

A few days ago, news of Waso Khan’s illness, poverty and swearing went viral on social media.

There were reports that due to longevity, poverty and lack of regular employment, Waso Khan fell ill and was confined to his home without any care

After the news of Waso Khan’s illness went viral on social media, many people also appealed to Shehzad Rai to help the folk artist.

After such news came to light, Balochistan government spokesman Liaquat Shahwani met Wasu Khan and announced that the provincial government would provide medical treatment and financial support to the singer.

And now the provincial government helped Wasu Khan.

Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan shared photos of the meeting with Waso Khan and Shehzad Rai at the Chief Minister’s House and also said that the provincial government and Shehzad Rai discussed working on education and health in the province.

In one of the two photos shared by the Chief Minister, Abdul Khaliq Hazara Waso Khan, the Provincial Minister for Culture, was seen handing out relief checks, while in the other, the singer was seen talking to the Chief Minister and Shehzad Rai.

Shehzad Rai also retweeted the photos shared by Jam Kamal Khan, while provincial spokesman Liaquat Shahwani also confirmed that Waso Khan was helped by the provincial government.

Liaquat Shahwani said in his tweet that the Chief Minister of Balochistan had assured Wasu Khan to bring him home.

Shehzad Rai also said in another tweet that the Chief Minister of Balochistan helped Wasu Khan and at the same time he appealed to the Chief Minister to bring the folk singer home.

Shehzad Rai also shared a short video of Waso Khan, in which he appeared to have narrated his story.

Waso Khan said in his video that since he has worked with Shahzad Rai, he has been with him.

According to Waso Khan, Shehzad Rai had also bought him a house in Jaffarabad but due to some problems he had also sold that house.

Waso Khan said that Shehzad Rai also got a job for one of his sons and he has been supporting him continuously but now he does not want to hurt him anymore and he wants the provincial government to help him.

It may be recalled that Waso Khan is suffering from diabetes and in the past Shahzad Rai has also treated him at the Aga Khan Hospital.

Waso Khan had initially sung with Shahzad Rai in late 2011, “How ugly are your owls, they have never been straight.”

The two then did a social show called ‘Waso and Me’ on Geo TV in 2012, in which they were seen talking about the situation in the country.

Wasu Khan’s songs and shows with Shahzad Rai were very popular and he became famous all over the country.