The benefits of failing!
The benefits of failing!

Basharat says that after taking the BA exam, he was worried about what would happen if he failed. Praise be to Allaah, this thought was completely removed when I read the wazifa, but there was another concern. That is, what if God willing? ”

“It’s impossible to get a job. Friends, everyone will be scattered. The father will pull the hand. Unemployment, unemployment, idleness, idleness. Life will be a torment.

English newspapers have to be bought only for wanted advertisements. Then you have to apply your qualifications in every job template as if we have been sent to this world of color only for this job.

The subject of a flower has to be tied with a hundred colors. Humiliation will have to be borne daily in the office. Until it is permanently arranged in one office. Although there was a strong possibility of failure, there was a risk of passing. ”

“Sometimes they’re scared, but they really wish they’d failed,” he said. At least one more year will be cut short. According to Mirza, every day a person’s disgrace deteriorates if he fails. After that, China is China.

It just so happens that just like people come to visit on Eid, on this day every elder of the family will come in turn to take out the accumulated dust of years and will tell a different reason for failure and cutting off the nose of the family. In those days, there was no work or activity of the youth that would not cut the nose of the family. ”

(The pen of renowned writer and comedian Mushtaq Ahmed Yousifi)