Some members of the government of the European country, the Netherlands, want the ‘gender’ box to be removed from the country’s identity cards.

Some European countries, including Germany, have made some changes in the last few years regarding the entry of ‘gender’ in the identity cards and now in the ‘gender’ fields, in addition to men and women, transgender is also written.

In most countries of the world, only 2 genders, male and female, are still registered in the ‘Gender’ box in ID cards and passports.

However, over the past few years, there have been movements around the world to include a third gender (transgender) in addition to traditional men and women in the ‘sex’ fields in identity cards and passports. Writing continues

Pakistan’s Supreme Court also ordered the government in 2009 to issue birth certificates, identity cards and passports to transgender people in addition to men and women.

Similarly, a few other countries, including India, Australia, Canada and Nepal, are now legally registering third sex in addition to men and women on identity cards and passports.

The Dutch government wants to remove the 'sex' box from ID cards
Brussels Times

However, some members of the Dutch government want the ‘gender’ box to be removed from ID cards. At the moment, only men’s and women’s gender is registered in the Dutch identity card. Photo: Privacy International

According to AFP news agency, the Dutch Minister of Education and Culture has sent a proposed letter to the parliament from the government to amend the identity card rules, in which it proposed to remove the ‘gender’ box. Has gone

The report said that a copy of the letter sent by the Minister of Education and Culture was seen by the news agency, in which it was declared insignificant to include the ‘gender’ box in the identity card.

According to the report, in the letter, the Minister of Education and Culture wrote that the ‘gender’ box in the identity cards is unnecessary and the said information is extra, it should be removed and everyone should have the right to decide their own gender.

The Minister of Education and Culture, Ingrid Van Eaglesboffen, said in the letter that if EU law required the inclusion of the “gender” box, the union would be asked to change the rules.

The Minister also gave examples of some countries regarding the amendment of ‘Gender’ fields in the ID cards and said that if the Parliament amends, the ‘Gender’ box will be removed from the ID cards from 2024 and 2025.

If the Dutch parliament legislates and approves the proposed letter, the Netherlands will become the first country in Europe to completely eliminate the ‘gender’ box from identity cards.

Organizations working on the rights of transgender people have welcomed the government’s proposed legislation, calling it a welcome development.