iPhone X MAX

NEW YORK: Leading US technology company Apple’s mobile phone operating system has been shut down, causing problems for consumers around the world.

According to international media reports, on Friday morning, Apple users complained about a glitch in the operating system iOS and said that the application called Spotify is having a problem. 

After the United States, consumers around the world came up with the same problem.

After a few hours, instead of being resolved, the problem became even more serious as iPhone users had difficulty using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Tick Talk, Tinder, Pinterest and other applications.

Users of Apple’s mobile phones said that Facebook was not open on their mobiles and the operating system did not support more than a dozen other apps.

After the operating system malfunction, iPhone users are unable to use any application or internet, they are just receiving calls and SMS on SIM.

The cause of the crash has not yet been determined by the iPhone, while technology experts say a bug (error) occurred during the work of Facebook’s technical team, which caused the iOS to crash.

The system sat down. Users are also unable to play online games due to a malfunction of the operating system.