We Used To Light The Tube Lights Of Banu Qudsia's House But Former Cricketer Revealed

KARACHI: Well known commentator Rameez Raja has confessed to breaking the tube lights of her house on the occasion of novelist Bano Qudsia’s 92nd birthday.

Former Pakistan cricketer and well-known commentator Rameez Raja confessed to breaking the lights on social networking site Twitter while paying homage to famous novelist Bano Qudsia on the occasion of her birthday.

He said that it was an honor for Google to publish her doodle on Bano’s 92nd birthday.

Rameez Raja told his fans and Twitter users, “I still remember as a child we used to break the tube lights of her house while playing cricket and instead of reprimanding us, Banu used to look at us with love and ask.’ are we all right.

It may be recalled that the famous novelist, novelist and playwright Bano Qudsia, the author of masterpieces of Urdu literature, Raja Gadh and others, is celebrating her 92nd birthday today. She was born in Ferozepur, India in 1928. Today he has attributed his doodle to Banu Qudsia.