It was costly for Indian actress Malvi Malhotra to turn down a marriage offer.

According to a foreign news agency, Indian actress Malvi Malhotra had refused to get married.

Due to the actress’ refusal to marry, a friend attacked Malvi Malhotra with knives last night in retaliation for refusing the marriage offer, as a result of which the actress was seriously injured.

“He and Manish Pal Singh have known each other for a year,” actress Malvi Malhotra told police.

The actress said that Manish Singh wanted to marry her but she also stopped talking to Manish Singh after she refused to marry him.

“She returned to India from Dubai last night and was going to a tea cafe,” he told police.

But suddenly Manish Singh came to him and asked why he was not talking, to which he told Manish Singh that he did not want to talk so he should stop following him and try to talk to him.

“When he refused, Manish Singh attacked him three times with knives and fled,” the actress said.

It may be recalled that actress Malvi Malhotra was stabbed three times by her friend, resulting in deep wounds on her hands and abdomen.

However, Malvi was rushed to a nearby hospital where he is being treated.

Regarding the incident, the police said that according to the preliminary investigation, the accused had come in the most expensive vehicle and escaped by stabbing Malvi, who has been identified as Yagish Kumar Manish Pal Singh.

It should be noted that the accused who attacked the actress has been arrested.