Pakistani showbiz industry actress Sana Javed’s brother sent a loving message to his sister.

On the brother of actress Sana Javed, Abdullah Javed has posted some memorable pictures of his wedding day with his sister Sana Javed.

In the photos posted by Abdullah Javed, he has sent an emotional message to his sister.

Famous actress Sana Javed’s brother Abdullah Javed says that he loves his sister so much that he can even give his life for her.

“My crime partner, I still remember the days when we used to make prank calls to annoy others and in school / college life when we were with someone,” Abdullah Javed wrote in his Instagram message to Sana Javed. If there was a quarrel, they would call each other to resolve the issue.

“I have always considered myself your guide and I can lay down my life for you if need be,” he said.

Abdullah Javed said to his sister, “I am very happy to see that you have become a sensible woman and if I am no longer there, there is a good person to guide you, Umair Jaswal, who Will take care of you. ‘

Sana Javed’s brother wrote, “We may part ways, but I will not stop loving my dear sister.”

Commenting on her brother’s emotional post, Sana Javed wrote, “I love you very much.”

Recently, well-known singer Umair Jaswal has tied the knot with actress Sana Javed.

Earlier, Abdullah Javed had posted a beautiful picture of his sister’s wedding day on Instagram in which Umair Jaswal and Sana Javed were holding each other’s hands.